Thursday, 15 June 2017

KaWoof – let your dog throw its own damn ball!

Looks like a bunch of fun to share with your dog – which begs the question, why not just throw the ball & leave out the device? Perhaps KaWoof would be useful if the dog owner has a shoulder injury, or some other disability, that makes throwing impractical. Or is the purpose of KaWoof to let the dog play fetch without a human present?

It would be interesting to see how long (or even if) a dog (or dogs) would continue to use KaWoof with no human present.

KaWoof is a Kickstarter project – funding ends in 27 days.

Kickstarter – “KaWoof - Natural ball launcher for your dog”
/ KaWoof ecological ecologically produced ball launcher dogs runs completely without electricity dog toys made out of plastic non natural toxic materials dog toys we wanted to make a difference making dog toys training gadgets invented natural ball launcher KaWoof KaWoof regrowing material wood designed work big and small dogs four strength settings adjust to your dog’s needs dog should at least weigh weight 5kg use KaWoof developed throwing arm use different ball sizes no expensive balls needed golfball sized ball tennis ball all sizes work KaWoof developing analyzing KaWoof 3D software optimize our product Kai Hillebrand inventor developer KaWoof ball catapult built Christmas present his mother Christa Hillebrand dogs his mother had so much fun first prototype further developed KaWoof Christa Hillebrand dog trainer hairy four-legged friends many years of experience dogs KaWoof prototype mature in design and function organization materials optimization production process next challenge small family business design KaWoof designed partial automation CNC milling machine produce required quantities high quality support project /

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