Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Hoverboard a no-show, but Uber has promised a flying car for 2020

Credit: EHang/Twitter

Hoverboard was a no-show in Back to the Future year.1 We’ve been waiting even longer for the flying car, but Uber has promised them for 2020.

As you’ve no doubt noticed, the problem is that the technology doesn’t exist. Uber’s way around this is something like an X-prize – competitive development of a device to carry out a defined task – in this case, a flying car. And the prize? Access to Uber’s world-wide client-base. Though, at this point only Dallas-Fort Worth & Dubai have indicated an interest.

Uber has signed deals with five companies – if they don’t deliver, an obvious contender would be the Lilium jet electric aircraft.2

Wired: “Uber Really Seriously Promises Flying Cars by 2020”,

CW33: “Uber SERIOUSLY promises flying cars by 2020 in DFW!”,

“Flying car”? Anything that might be developed to provide the functionality required, is closer to a light aircraft. New term required:

The Verge – “Stop calling them flying cars”

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