Sunday, 26 March 2017

Tesla’s Model 3 may be 10x safer than other cars

Tesla’s Model 3 – first deliveries planned for the end of this year
Credit: YSSN

Tesla has a strong record in safety:
● best crash safety rating of any car ever tested1

● semi-autonomous versions of Tesla Autopilot have improved safety2 – e.g. when Autosteer was enabled, crash rate of Teslas was reduced by 40%3

Tesla analyst with Morgan Stanley, Adam Jonas has claimed that the Model 3 will be 10x safer than most other cars on the road.

Electrek – “Tesla Model 3 will give ‘superhuman’ safety to driver & be ’10x safer than current cars’, says Tesla analyst Adam Jonas”

Business Insider – “MORGAN STANLEY: Tesla's Model 3 may be 10x safer than any car on the road today”

Boy Genius Genius Report – “Tesla’s Model 3 may be 10x safer than regular cars, analyst claims”

As a small-volume car, the Tesla Model S appears to have prevented many accidents, & by implication, saved many lives. Single-car-accidents aside, an avoided accident prevents injury &/or death &/or damage in more than one vehicle. However, the Model 3, as a mass-market car, means a larger number of cars on the road preventing accidents. A substantial number of Model 3s on the road will make the roads safer for everyone.

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