Friday, 7 April 2017

Redflow household battery for lower total cost of ownership

You may have read about Redflow zinc bromide hybrid flow batteries on these pages previously.1 Robert Llewellyn recently interviewed Simon Hackett, Executive Chairman of Redflow, who provided some interesting insights:
● stores electricity by electroplating zinc from solution
● discharge returns zinc to solution

● complete discharge is a maintenance cycle, essentially restoring the battery to as-new state

● as a result, no loss of capacity with age

● greater up-front cost as it is a recent development & small volume

● durability makes total cost of ownership (TCO) lower
● TCO will improve with volume & further development

Interesting point raised in the interview – what would happen if you had solar panels on your roof & the power failed on a sunny day? Would the solar panels continue to run the house?

“One very common misunderstanding about solar panels, if you have a power failure & you just have solar [panels] it’s useless to you, even if the sun is shining. As soon as you add batteries … the battery system simulates the grid & your panels keep working.” – Simon Hackett, Executive chairman, Redflow


1 HitchHiker’s Guide 2 Tech: “Redflow claims to have a better solution for home electricity storage”,
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