Monday, 27 February 2017

Vigo electric motorcycle now on Indiegogo

Credit: Vigo/Drivespark

Remember the Vigo electric motorcycle?

HitchHiker's Guide 2 Tech – “Vigo electric motorcycle from Eco Motorcycles UK”

Some extraordinary claims – read the post linked above – but some of the more extreme claims included:

● 160% of the battery for 59% of the price (44% at the “supporter” price) of the current competition

● 400 miles (640 k) range – which seems to defy the laws of physics for any practical purpose

Now there is an Indiegogo project, which explains what, “Retail Price £7,999 (9,799 USD)”, &, “Special Price (for supporters) £5,999 (7,499 USD)”, meant. Shipping of the first pre-ordered motorcycles is planned for January 2019. Ongoing reduction in battery prices in the intervening 2 years, may account for the claims on battery capacity & price.

Vigo is being developed in Britain. The Indiegogo page mentions the British Government grant of 20% or £1,500, whichever is the lesser – “The grant amount will be deducted during purchase.” It is unclear whether quoted prices include the grant.

Claims on maximum range remain unchanged at, “400 miles (640 km)”, although some detail has been added:
“The following range has been compiled using 80% city, 20% highway environment with an average speed of 45 mph. Factors like: weight load, speed, adaptive braking ratio might gradually reduce the overall range of the vehicle. Values have been calculated taking into consideration specifications of used components.” – Vigo Motorcycles Indiegogo project page

Note that the range claim is, “calculated”, rather than measured using a prototype – confirmed by the words, “CONCEPT STAGE”, just below the video at the top of the Indiegogo page. Until demonstrated otherwise, I'll stick with my estimate in the earlier post, of a maximum of 260 miles (418 km), for any practical purpose – around town – less on the highway.

Indiegogo – “VIGO: Electric Motorcycle of the Future”
/ video check specs specifications Eco Motorcycles web site range 400 miles 640 km battery capacity 21 kWh battery life motor power 90 kW 120 horsepower acceleration 3.2 seconds 60 mph 100 kmh max speed 180 mph 290 km/h weight 350 pounds 160 kg specs price estimated retail price £7,999 $US9,799 USD $A13,160 Australian special price supporters £5,999 $US7,499 USD $A9,866 Australian Zero Motorcycles SR ZF13.0 Zero SR ZF13.0 13.0 kWh battery Zero Battery 13.0 kWh city speed range 161 miles 259 km highway speed 55 mph 89 km/h 98 miles 158 km highway speed 70 mph 113 km/h 81 miles 130 km top speed 102 mph 164 km/h range Zero scaling 161 mile 259 km city speed range Zero larger battery Vigo 21 kWh 13.0 kWh 260 miles 418 km 400 miles 640 km claimed Eco Motorcycles developing Vigo Eco Motorcycles retailer Zero electric motorcycles Zero SR ZF13.0 price Eco Motorcycles in development motorcycle 160% bigger battery 59% price supporter price current competition performance Zero acceleration power quoted Vigo 90 kW 73% greater 52 kW claimed Zero higher top speed top speed 73% more power aerodynamic drag increases as the square of the speed range claim of 400 miles range city speed claimed range Vigo seems to defy the laws of physics Vigo electric motorcycle motor cycle Vigo currently in development commercial product first development project startup manufacturer fail battery prices will continue to fall motorcycle 21 kWh battery quoted price range adjusted inflation likely to be possible within a few years top speed range specs specifications better than Zero SR ZF13.0 Eco Motorcycles Vigo Zero Motorcycles Zero SR ZF1 /