Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Superscreen – your phone with a 10.1 inch screen – update 5

Update – Funding has passed $US1 million in just 7 days – still available at $US99.

Update – Funding has passed $US1.5 million – $US99 price still available until 12 noon Monday 03 April EDT

Update 11 April – Funding has passed $US2 million – still available at $US119 for 8 more days

Update 15 April – Funding has passed $US2.2 million – still available at $US119 for 5 more days

When the original iPad appeared, some said, “It’s just a limited phone with a bigger screen.” True of course, but it ignored the fact that some tasks that are impractical on a phone screen, are practical on a ~10" screen. Examples include word processing, watching video, & reading magazines (as opposed to books). This was even more true at the time, when the iPhone had a 3.5" screen & phone screens in general were smaller than they are today.

Many users find a phone & tablet combination userful. Add to that full size computer(s) (laptop &/or desktop) for a substantial & expensive computing establishment. Each component with its own expenses & maintenance requirements for software & ongoing updates.

There’s a Kickstarter project that can eliminate virtually all of the expense & maintenance requirements for an entire level of such a computing infrastructure for just $US99 – Superscreen

Why is Superscreen better than a tablet?

● cheaper than a tablet

● as powerful as your phone – low-spec tablets are available for not much more money – but if you have a top-of-the-line phone, Superscreen becomes a top-of-the-line tablet

● similarly, Superscreen can make use of all of the storage in your phone – built in, or in a microSD card

● can use your phone’s mobile data – separate SIM/account not required

Superscreen gets a hardware update every time you upgrade your phone

Oversubscribed more than 1,000% on Kickstarter – works with Android or iPhone.

Kickstarter – “Superscreen – Supercharge your phone with a 10.1" HD display”

ZDNet – “Superscreen puts your smartphone in the body of a tablet”

Pocket-lint – “Turn your Android phone or iPhone into a tablet with the Superscreen
/ Superscreen supercharge your phone 10.1 inch HD display features $600 iPad $99 device Superscreen benefits tablet power & convenience your phone Superscreen new way experience digital world you have set-up on your phone does everything a tablet can do everything a casting product can do everything in your phone in one affordable great looking device Never stretched or zoomed smartphone 4x bigger and better Superscreen perfectly scales your content full HD nothing gets blurry or chopped familiar touch full multi-touch multi touch orientation control plus support for a stylus faster than Wi-Fi Superscreen patent pending technology transfers data between your phone industry leading speeds Bluetooth range obstructions cross compatibility Superscreen full control of your smartphone's native operating system Use Superscreen exactly as you would use your phone /