Sunday, 12 March 2017

CAPTCHA is about to disappear – “Prove you’re not a bot” won't be bothering you much longer

Credit: Infragistics

Above, an example of the CAPTCHA1 we’ve all learned to hate.

Below, example of the much more user-friendly reCAPTCHA2 we've started to see more recently.

Credit: PC Mag

And coming soon, to a screen near you – the invisible reCAPTCHA that you won't even notice.

Ars Technica – ‘Google’s reCAPTCHA turns “invisible”, will separate bots from people without challenges’

Google – ‘reCAPTCHA’

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/ Google’s Google reCAPTCHA CAPTCHA turns invisible will separate bots from people without challenges Google separate man from machine without tricky tests checkboxes Google's reCAPTCHA leading CAPTCHA service Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart the Web CAPTCHAs sign-up pages across the Web separate humans from spam bots spambots challenge pop up asking you to decipher a picture of words or numbers pick out objects grid of pictures click a checkbox seeing CAPTCHAs less and less Google is making them invisible reCAPTCHA pretty easy simple I'm not a robot checkbox sign-up page new version even simpler doesn't use challenge checkbox works invisibly background identify bots from humans Google system uses combination machine learning advanced risk analysis adapts new and emerging threats more detailed information how the system works probably help bot-makers crack it details reCAPTCHA bought by Google in 2009 OCR optical character recognition software reCAPTCHA system solving by humans reCAPTCHA looks like a set of numbers Google's Street View cars identify house numbers OCR software CAPTCHA solving by humans sites switch over invisible CAPTCHA system most users won't see CAPTCHAs at all I'm not a robot checkbox flagged suspicious /