Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Samsung Galaxy S8 revealed

Samsung Galaxy S8 is being revealed at the moment. A few things predicted on these pages on 10 March:

☑ 5.8 & 6.2 inch screens

S8 & S8 Plus are much smaller than screen sizes would suggest because bezels are largely eliminated

☑ fingerprint sensor at the back, next to the camera
☑ no physical home button

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Tesla Model 3 spotted – high quality video

Grainy, short video of a black Model 3, in poor light, recently shown on these pages is now all over the ’Net. Here’s a video that fixes all of the shortcomings listed above:

Once again, the centre screen is visible for a few frames (0:08 mark), no sign of a heads up display (HUD).

Some thoughts re HUD:

● if HUD was fitted to the Model 3 in the video, it might be invisible due to an angle of acceptance issue

● volume of HUD speculation suggests that if Tesla doesn’t fit one, after-market will supply

This inexpensive HUD uses your phone display:

Boy Genius Report – “This $24 head-up display has more features than the HUD in a $100,000 Mercedes
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