Thursday, 16 March 2017

Lucid Air electric car will start at $US60,000

Lucid Air electric car
Credit: Lucid Motors/Financial Review

Remember the Lucid electric car?

HichHiker’s Guide 2 Tech – “Lucid Motors claims 400 mile range for its luxury electric car”

Specs, including 1,000 horsepower & 130 kWh battery (biggest battery in the Tesla Model S is 100 kWh), suggested a high price. However, Lucid has just announced a more modest version with 400 horsepower, RWD, 240 mile range, & hardware for autonomous driving. Asking price for the lower-spec version is $US60,000 – which becomes $US52,500 after deduction of the US $7,500 federal tax incentive.

Road & Track – “Lucid Air Electric Car Starts at $52,500, Gets 400 HP & 240 Miles of Range”

Engadget makes much of, “The ‘entry’ car will offer all the hardware [emphasis mine] you need for autonomous driving … a big deal when Tesla makes you drop about $10,000 (for Enhanced Autopilot & full self-driving support) for similar features.” This is quite misleading. Tesla includes the hardware for fully autonomous driving in every vehicle.1 Standard Model S makes use of the autonomous driving hardware for, “Active safety technologies, including collision avoidance & automatic emergency braking, have begun rolling out through over-the-air updates.” Extra charges are made for enabling the software for, “Enhanced Autopilot”, & “Full Self-Driving Capability”.2

Engadget – “Lucid's luxury electric car will start at $52,500”

C|Net/Road|show – “The Lucid Air electric luxury car will start at $52,500 ... sort of”

The Verge – “Lucid Motors’ electric car will cost $60,000”

1 Tesla: “Performance & safety refined”,

“All Tesla vehicles produced in our factory, including Model 3, have the hardware needed for full self-driving capability at a safety level substantially greater than that of a human driver.”

2 Tesla: “Model S”,
/ Lucid Air 1,000 HP electric Tesla-killer 400 mile range luxury mobility Lucid Motors Tesla rival Lucid prototype shop Fremont California automaker formerly known as Atieva Lucid Air luxury sedan Lucid Air perfect commuter vehicle power of a sports car 1,000 HP 1,000 horse power modern car start-up automaker fully-electric powertrain bodywork VP of design Derek Jenkins poached from Mazda MX-5 Miata completely different strategy mainstays of the auto industry game-changer model EV heavyweight Tesla market Lucid Tesla former Model S chief engineer Peter Rawlinson Lucid’s chief technology officer Tesla Model S luxury Model X SUV mass-market car Tesla Model 3 Tesla brand Lucid’s first car sports car electric drive powerful seamless makes traditional engines feel antiquated interior space similar Mercedes-Benz S-Class blending sublime luxury modern design relax spread out new space in the luxury vehicle market amazing commuter vehicle right size for urban conditions small city garages same size Mercedes E-Class connected technology autonomous features range commuters Lucid’s homegrown electric motor hardware 600 HP 600 horsepower 600 horse power space traditional Tesla-style battery slung between the wheelbase front suspension condensed system integration engineers HVAC blowers ahead bulkhead reducing cabin noise second power bundle at the rear multi-link rear suspension switchable volume inverted air-springs active damping Lucid’s solution increasing cabin space reducing external dimensions inter-systems spatial optimization optimisation executive jet-style reclining rear seats fit into the footprint of a car this size range launch initially 100 kilowatt hour battery pack 300 miles of driving Peter Rawlinson 130 kilowatt hour option up to 400 miles charge through a port on the nose Lucid paving the way car to drive itself autonomous driving Autopilot enabled at the start whole range of sensors built-in standard performance Tesla increasingly squeezing more power out of its cars Lucid deliver same sort of grunt total 1,000 horsepower 2.5 second 0-60 mph time cabin 29-speaker audio system 12 beam-forming microphones dashboard multiple displays touch-friendly centre center display more storage space Lucid Alexa-style voice controlled assistant automatically adjust settings who identifies inside at the wheel Lucid’s headlights high-intensity LEDs 9740 micro-lens array lenses per headlight dynamically angled production Casa Grande Arizona late 2018 brand new $700m manufacturing plant was announced late November produce up to 130,000 cars each year /