Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Samsung Chromebook Pro & Plus – with Android apps

Samsung's new Chromebooks have a 3:2 aspect ratio screen, rather than the more common 16:9, although the thick margin at the bottom exagerates the visual impression
Credit: Samsung/ZDNet

Chromebooks with their browser-centric operating system have long been suitable for those with modest computing demands – web browsing, email, word processing & spreadsheet – which can be met by the Google suite of Web apps.

In progress, is the addition of Android apps to the repertoire of Chromebooks.

Among the first to implement Android app capability are Samsung's Chromebook Plus, & the more highly specified Pro. Google had substantial input into the design.

0.51" (1.30 cm) thick closed, & 2.38 pounds (1.08 kg), with stylus
Credit: Samsung/ZDNet

Tablet mode makes use of the 360° hinge
Credit: Samsung/ZDNet

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ZDNet – “Samsung's new sub-$500 Chromebook Plus comes with support for Android apps from the Google Play Store right out of the box.”
/ Samsung Chromebook Pro Samsung Chromebook Plus Android apps Chromebooks quietly infiltrated computer market Google’s affordable just a browser devices best-selling computers in schools around boardrooms cubicles more people bought Chromebook than Mac Macintosh Google’s you ought to buy Chromebook consumer Chromebook onslaught starts Samsung’s Chromebook Plus and Pro most well-rounded Chrome OS devices every normal-person laptop budget Chrome OS touchscreens support pen input run millions of apps Google’s Play Store part smartphone part tablet part laptop feels like the computer of the future using the Pro brilliantly polymorphic computer the good kind of cheap good laptop relatively light and thin body attractive well-spaced clicky keyboard spacious smooth trackpad high-res screen enough power battery extra-long day at work $500 Best Buy special Chromebook Pro half-inch thick 2.38 pounds smaller than almost every laptop doesn’t ooze class and wealth every time you open the lid magnesium alloy body silver black peel off the unsightly Energy Star sticker rounded edges exposed hinge decidedly utilitarian look laptop 12.3-inch 2400×1600 display excellent works well as a touchscreen really shines pop tiny stylus out of the body Chromebook Pro stylus matches Samsung’s Galaxy Note phones works just as well draw doodle take notes Google Keep note-taking app supports pen input tool works fabulously futuristic signing right on your computer screen Intel’s Core M3 processor four gigs RAM Chromebook Plus costs $450 lower-powered OP1 chip 32 gigs internal storage plus microSD slot for adding more specs power’s not an issue Chromebooks Chrome browser so stable upwards of ten hours battery charge flip the screen full 360 degrees turning your laptop into a tablet digital picture frame 360-degree screen power button /