Friday, 14 April 2017

MacBook refurb – initial impressions from an enthusiastic new owner

MacBook connected to 29 inch monitor
Credit: The Gadgeteer

Laptop computers have a number of disadvantages compared to desktop equivalents. To a greater or lesser extent, these include:
● smaller screen

● smaller keyboard – keys themselves are not necessarily smaller, or closer together, but numeric keypad – almost never

● less powerful processor
● overheating
● easier to steal
● less bang for the buck

Despite all of these disadvantages, laptops are very popular. This popularity revolves around their portability. Amongst the most portable is Apple's MacBook 12 inch:1,2
● weight similar to a tablet – great choice if portability is at a premium
● 12 inch retina screen

● plenty of power for the tasks most people use a computer for – email, browsing, video, word processing

Below is a review from a new owner who wanted a computer for travel, but is now thinking about selling her MacBook Pro:

The Gadgeteer – “Julie’s gadget diary – I have finally found my perfect travel computer”

1 “New MacBook 12 inch”,

2Apple MacBook 2016 – what’s changed & what hasn’t”,
/ subtle differences updated 12 inch MacBook just released original version benchmarks performance 5th Generation Broadwell processor MacBook 6th Generation Skylake chip early benchmarks Geekbench 3 benchmark new Skylake 1.2GHz Core m5 powered MacBook last year’s 1.1GHz Broadwell 25 percent speed bump benchmarks difference in price 2016 MacBook new Intel HD Graphics 515 flash drive speeds benchmarks boost battery life subtle hour more battery life Apple's rating battery life DRAM RAM LPDDR3-1600 DRAM new MacBook LPDDR3-1866 DRAM new Rose Gold color colour chassis identical Retina display resolution same one USB-C port original 12-inch MacBook update MacBook 2 pounds 12 inches MacBook Air models 24 percent thinner 11 inch MacBook Air measuring 13.1mm thickness all-new keyboard full width new MacBook butterfly mechanism better much more precise typing experience individual LED lighting for each key device that little bit thinner 12-inch screen Retina display family 2304 x 1440 resolution consumes 30 percent less power touchpad four force sensors one in each corner click feel managed by software pressure sensitivity pressing harder fast-forward QuickTime make a video play faster Force Click new USB Type-C connector upgraded reversible USB internal redesign logic board 67 percent smaller previous generations most dense densest no fan required computer Intel Core M Broadwell CPU battery life nine hours web browsing 10 hours movie playback new MacBook silver space gray stunning gold shipping begins April 10th most energy-efficient notebook laptop EPA US Environmental Protection Agency MacBook no extra name /