Friday, 21 April 2017

Kentucky coal investing in solar

Credit: Electrek

Kentucky is a US state famed, perhaps most of all, for its bluegrass (the pasture plant & the music), & for its coal mines. It’s making progress towards note for its solar energy output too – & coal interests may be the drivers:

● Kentucky’s Berkeley Energy Group & EDF Renewable Energy are considering a solar farm with a peak capacity of 100 megaWatts:

Renew Economy – “Kentucky coal company to build state’s largest solar farm on old coal mine”

Insurance Journal – “Coal Mining Company Proposes Turning Kentucky Mine Into Solar Farm”

● In the small town of Benham (population 5001), the Kentucky Coal Mining Museum, owned by Southeast Kentucky Community & Technical College, is investing in solar panels. Budget cuts have necessitated cost saving measures:

WYMT – “Kentucky Coal Mining Museum converts to solar power”

Huffington Post – “A Coal Museum In Kentucky Went Solar This Month. The Backstory Is Even Better.”

New York Times: “Coal Museum Sees the Future; Trump Doesn’t”


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