Friday, 20 April 2018

iTunes cards on sale (Australia)

Credit: Woolworths/Gift Cards on Sale

15% off $30, $50 & $100 iTunes cards at Woolworths until 24 April.

And don’t forget the 15% off sale at Officeworks, which has been ongoing since at least 28 March — no end date available.

More gift card bargains at Gift Cards On Sale:
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Wednesday, 28 March 2018

iTunes cards on sale (Australia) — update — sale ongoing 19 April

Credit: Apple

Update Thursday 19 April: sale ongoing
Update Wednesday 11 April: sale ongoing
Update Wednesday 04 April: sale ongoing

Officeworks has 15% off $30, $50 & $100 iTunes cards. Terms & conditions apply.

As usual from this retailer, no end date.

Perhaps most interesting: recently, Officeworks has matched other retailers sales on iTunes, but hasn't had sales at other times – which implies that some other retailer has an iTunes sale on right now.
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Saturday, 17 March 2018

Stephen Hawking interviewed by John Oliver

Stephen Hawking with Felicity Jones & Eddie Redmayne at the London premier of the biographical movie, “The Theory of Everything”

Many were saddened by the death this week, of Professor Stephen Hawking. There is some comfort, though, in the memory that Stephen Hawking was a really funny guy. Take this interview with John Oliver:

JOHN OLIVER: First off, congratulations on being the first subject of our, “Great Minds”, series. Be honest, is this the single greatest honour you have ever received?


JOHN OLIVER: Good. It's a little hard to read your tone of voice. When you say that, are you being sarcastic?



JOHN OLIVER: You’ve stated that there could be an infinite number of parallel universes. Does that mean that there is a universe out there where I am smarter than you?

STEPHEN HAWKING: Yes. And also a universe where you’re funny.

Here's the entire interview:

Interesting to see John Oliver abandon his irreverent tone & use of expletives (mostly).

Stephen Hawking
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Saturday, 6 January 2018

Another use for a Tesla Model X – towing a semi – update

Update 15 April 2018: Another Model X towing a semi, this time from Bjørn Nyland in Norway: “I know that this is not the first time a Model X pulls a semi. But in that other video, it was done with the help of the semi as well. And the Model X had poor all season tires not fit for snow and ice. I wanted to see if it was possible to pull a semi trailer despite having slippery surface like ice and snow.”

Lots more from Bjørn Nyland on his YouTube channel:

Recently, on these pages, we looked at an unexpected use of a Tesla Model X: speeding up an fossil car at the drag strip (check it out at

With the recent cold snap in the USA, another use has come to light: towing a semi truck after it has become stuck in the snow.

Update: Unfortunatley, videos on YouTube are removed or have availability changed from time-to-time. If the video above no longer works for you, try this:

Electrek – Watch a Tesla Model X all-electric SUV pull a semi truck out of the snow
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Sunday, 17 December 2017

How to make an Alfa Romeo 4C Spider faster at the drag strip

Alfa Romeo 4C Spider
Credit: Motor Trend Canada

To add a little perspective – an Alfa Romeo 4C Spider can do 0-60 mph in just over 4 seconds.1,2,3

Question: How to make an Alfa Romeo 4C Spider faster at the drag strip?
Answer: Put it on a trailer & tow it with a Tesla Model X.

Better coverage with additional material below. Don't be put off by the first frame you see.

At one point in the video above, the reporter says, “They get in the passenger's seat & go full Tourette’s4 on us.” This is the sort of thing he’s talking about:

1 “Factory testers say it’ll hit 60 mph in 4.1 seconds” – Motor Trend Canada: “2015 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider First Drive Review”,

2Alfa Romeo 4C Spider can do 0-100km.h in 4.5 seconds” – Finance: “Tesla’s Model X races a sportscar towing an 1800kg trailer”,

3 “... zero to 60 in 4.2 seconds which means it would embarrass a Lamborghini Diablo in a straight line.” – Motor Trend Channel: “2017 Bentley Bentayga vs. 2016 Tesla Model X P90D Ludicrous - Head 2 Head Ep. 76”, see second video above

4 Merriam-Webster: “Definition of Tourette’s syndrome”,'s%20syndrome

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Friday, 17 November 2017

Tesla Truck event – video – update 3

Tesla Truck, Elon Musk, Tesla Truck
Credit: Tesla/SlashGear

Tesla Truck – view through the windscreen – note central seating position & screens on either side
Credit: Tesla

Updates Saturday 18 & Monday 20 November – two new videos – text updates in this font.

Update 15 December – added Tesla's video of the entire event – 35 minutes.

Some highlights:

● 500 mile (800 km) range –
full load at highway speed
Megachargers add 400 miles of range in 30 minutes
Network of Megachargers world wide
● driver sits in the centre with a screen on either side
● passenger/alternate driver seat is behind & to one side

● one million miles (1.6 million km) without a breakdown! – guaranteed! – with four motors, two can fail & the truck can complete delivery – & still out-torque a diesel

“You never need to replace brake pads ever.” – long brake life is a recognised advantage of electric vehicles because in large measure, braking is provided by regenerative braking – also improving range, efficiency & total cost of ownership

● enhanced autopilot standard1
● platooning included2

● torque vectoring enabled by 4 motors with microsecond control makes jack-knifing “impossible”

“A diesel truck will be 20% more expensive than a Tesla semi per mile ... worst case scenario.”

● with platooning, make that 100% more efficient
● with platooning, efficiency exceeds rail
“Production begins 2019.”

Video of the entire event – if you don't have 35 minutes, check the next video down

And, “some unannounced”?3 – the new Tesla Roadster

● 0-60 mph 1.9 seconds – that's 1.44 g4 – first production vehicle to go under 2 seconds

● 0-100 mph 4.2 seconds
● quarter mile 8.9 seconds
● 250 mph (402 km/h) top speed

“The new Tesla Roadster will be the fastest production car ever made – period.” This means a top speed in excess of the 257.87 mph (415 km/h) (arguably 267.856 mph (431.072 km/h)) attributed to the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, World Record Edition.5 Alternatively, as Elon Musk has done before, it may be a reference to the 0-60 mph time – &/or 0-100 mph &/or quarter mile times.

● 200 kWh battery pack
● range 620 miles (just under 1,000 km)

three motors – two driving the rear, one driving the front

● 2+2 seating
available 2020

“Roadster Test Ride” video below, includes 0-60 mph in under 2 seconds.


1 “Enhanced autopilot”, aka, “full self driving capability”, as Tesla describes it on their Model S order page:

2 hhg2Tech: “Platooning lets trucks make better use of roads, save fuel & reduce greenhouse gasses”,

3 hhg2Tech: “Tesla Truck – new teaser image + invites to unveiling event”,

4 60 mph = 96.56 kph
= (96.56 * 1000) / (60 * 60) metres per second
= 26.822 metres per second

v = u + at
26.822 = 0 + a * 1.9
26.822 = a * 1.9
26.822/1.9 = a
a = 14.117 metre/sec/sec

Acceleration due to gravity = 9.8 metre/sec/sec

a = 14.117 / 9.8 g
a = 1.44 g

5 Wikipwedia: “Production car speed record”,

/ electric vehicle platooning enhanced autopilot full self driving capability electric vehicle EV truck semi semi trailer semi-trailer 500 mile range unveiling 1000 mile range /

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Tesla Truck unveiling “will blow your mind clear out of your skull” – update

Update – teaser video


After having been postponed from 26 October, this “mind blowing” event is just 15 hours away as of this writing.1

And ... video has appeared of what appears to be a test mule

No sign of exhaust, remarkably quiet as the mule moves away, & it bears a striking resemblance to a truck in the background of the previously published image of an apparent Tesla Truck prototype.2

Tesla Truck, with apparent test mule circled in red
Credit: Electrek

Electrek – “Tesla Semi working test mule potentially captured on video for first time”,

1 20:00 Thursday 16th November US west coast time


04:00 Friday 17th GMT

15:00 Friday 17th Australian east coast daylight saving time (NSW, ACT, Victoria, Tasmania)

14:00 Friday 17th Queensland time

2 Hhg2Tech: “Is this the first sighting of the Tesla semi truck?”,

/ semi truck tractor trailer semi trailer semi-trailer prime mover Tesla semi truck 26th 26 October 26th Tesla unveil all-electric truck shake up the trucking industry truck Tesla teaser photo Tesla reddit user posted photo can’t confirm source undisclosed place California where they test Tesla vehicles logos other confirmation actual Tesla truck looks like headlights fenders match up nose angle windshield looks similar teaser photo spy shots automotive industry tested before release real-world experience test cars manufacturers design release Tesla single design look looks futuristic semi tractor semi tractors prime mover prime-mover prime mover aerodynamic shroud reduce drag reduce fuel consumption reduce energy consumption, but Tesla’s design step beyond other designs on the road today Tesla’s design semi tractor prototype large engine compartment electric truck motor located between the axles other Tesla vehicles Tesla’s design more aerodynamic more roomy cabin driver long-haul trucking market store batteries truck photo teaser photo image aerodynamic shrouds reduce drag trailer tractor trailer aerodynamic wheel covers aerodynamic benefits teaser image Tesla truck /