Monday, 1 May 2017

Last post for now

Credit: HitchHiker's Guide 2 Tech

HitchHiker’s Guide 2 Tech has been published for a little over 6 years (first, 16 March 2011). Since that date, at least one item has been published every day – including holidays, weekends, significant family & life events. In total, over 8,000 posts have attracted over 115,000 page views – even after deducting a generous allowance of 56,000 page views to account for spamming from known sources.

At the moment I have a major project in train which has to be completed in a little over 60 days. As you may imagine, HitchHiker’s Guide 2 Tech consumes a substantial amount of time, which is interfering with the completion of the major project. Thus, it is with some reluctance that I will be ceasing publication on these pages with this post.

After completion of the project, time may become available again.

In the interim, I may find time to make occasional posts which will consist simply of a heading & a link to a particularly interesting article.

If you wish to see such posts, or wish to be notified if/when publication of hhg2tech begins again in the current format, 2 options are available:

● follow @hhg2Tech on twitter

● subscribe to the mail list by sending an email with the subject line, “Subscribe”, to

Thanks to all who have enjoyed my posts. Among those 8,000 plus posts there is still much of interest to read.

For now ...
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