Thursday, 2 March 2017

Patrick Stewart & Hugh Jackman on the final X-Men & its continuing relevance to world events

“Logan”, the just-released X-men movie, is the last of the line. Sir Patrick Stewart & Hugh Jackman were interviewed on Australian Broadcasting Corporation TV, & spoke about completing the last X-men & how it is still relevant to world events all these years after it first appeared in comic books.

Ageing on-screen
SIR PATRICK STEWART: I've been ageing on screen or on stage since I was 18. When I was 18, I played an 85-year-old man, so it's nothing new to me. I just got better at it as the years went by.

SIR PATRICK STEWART: I was born in 1940. So I just have memories of the second world war & my father coming home from that. When we said officially, formally & we signed the documents, “Europe is united”, it made me so happy & now we're in the process of unravelling. This cannot come to good.

There is a slightly longer video, plus a transcript, both including the comment on Brexit by Sir Patrick Stewart at:
/ Sir Patrick Stewart Hugh Jackman shed a tear over final X-Men Jeremy Fernandez presenter influence Donald Trump brand of politics Hugh Jackman and Sir Patrick Stewart President's narrative border control straight out of the script of their latest film Logan Australian TV interview together stars X-Men series from Taipei talk populist politics and sad goodbyes latest film violence violent, your character's superpowers blunted out-of-control optimism earlier films franchise has pretty much evaporated this is a very very different film deliberately different my last time playing it little more real more grey violent actually had something to say about violence the character is essentially a weapon destructive force built to be that defined by the humanity human side of that for both characters to see what the cost is what is it like in the winter of their lives what does that look like what is it like playing a character who ages on screen over a period of 17 years character who is invincible embodying so many of those changes that come to all of us with age ageing on screen aging on screen on stage preparing for this movie for 17 years Charles Xavier also knows Logan's past where he came from how damaged he is how vulnerable he is damaged vulnerable last film Berlin world premiering world premier movie festival Berlin Movie Festival two strapping actors grown men shedding a tear at our own movie ran the credits no more perfect way no more appropriate way say goodbye to Charles Xavier than what I had just watched I was a bit of a pain in the neck James Mangold film makers I wasn't settling I felt a deep sense of satisfaction and gratitude bittersweet there's nothing bitter about it it feels very satisfying X-Men franchise set in a world of make believe poignant some of these decade old Marvel themes have become current global political climate superpowers included these are human beings all of the X-Men that we have ever met going back to 1998 - 99 are real and recognisable people DNA of X-Men original allegory for the civil rights movement Charles Xavier Patrick's character Martin Luther King Ian McKellen's character Magneto being Malcolm X Bryan Singer 2000 opened X-Men filming in a concentration camp second world war first treatment talk of a border wall primaries were happening I think someone's leaked our script that's when you know you're on the right track great filmmaker like James Mangold has things he wants to say deeply personal story about family how difficult it is sometimes to connect and to love similar we close down and just look after our own or do we open up to the world theme movie could not have been predicted pertinent as it is now three principal characters have one overriding objective in this film to reach a border cross it into safety hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people whose only hope whose only chance of survival is to reach a border and to cross it to safety suddenly our film has become extraordinarily relevant cross border issues live debating point in Europe Patrick you said earlier this year you were embarrassed to be British having once been so proud to be part of the European Union rise of populist politics America Europe Austria France Germany Netherlands deeply dismayed process separating ourselves from the European Union one of the most profound and heartwarming political decisions of the 20th century memories of the second world war my father coming home from that we said officially formally signed the documents Europe is united it made me so happy now we're in the process of unravelling this cannot come to good /