Thursday, 13 April 2017

When is Easter?

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Have you noticed
● Easter is on a different weekend each year
● there’s often a full moon just before Easter

● there was a full moon on Tuesday of this week (11 April)

● Easter is this weekend?

When is Easter? – simple answer
Easter Sunday is the first Sunday after the first full moon on, or after, 21 March each year. Other days of Easter are positioned around the date of Easter Sunday – Easter Friday (Good Friday etc.) is two days before – Easter Monday the day after, etc.

Applying this rule to 2017
● 12 March was a full moon

● next full moon (i.e. first on, or after, 21 March) was on Tuesday 11 April

● so Easter Sunday is the first Sunday after 11 April – Sunday 16 April 2017

Earliest possible Easter Sunday
“In 1818, as a paschal full moon fell on Saturday March 21 (the Spring Equinox), Easter was the following day – Sunday March 22 – the earliest date possible. It will not fall on this date again until 2285, a span of 467 years.” – Wikepedia1

Latest possible Easter Sunday
“In 1943 a full moon fell on Saturday March 20. As this was before the Equinox the next full moon, which fell on Sunday April 18, determined the date of Easter – the following Sunday, April 25. It will not fall on this date again until 2038, a span of 95 years.” – Wikepedia2

When is Easter? – complex answer

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