Monday, 3 April 2017

Never give up – Elon Musk

Easy to say, & he isn’t even the first to say it.

Does he believe it? Does he live by it? Some would say those questions are answered in the video. Not convinced? Check this, from someone who worked for him for over five years – how Elon Musk responded in the minutes after the failure of the third Falcon 1:

Quartz – “What Elon Musk is really like as a boss”

Some other thoughts on success

Credit: Bulk Princess/Imgrum / working for Elon Musk SpaceX Head of Talent Acquisition answer coloured colored by my own experiences unbiased personal narrative character leader company Tesla SpaceX working with Elon one really rough day epic aftermath SpaceX launched third flight Falcon 1 launch vehicle Falcon 1 predecessor Falcon 9 launch vehicles company flies today defining moment for the company his $100M personal investment in the company up to three tries successful by the third flight admit defeat pressure created by this narrative press lobbyist armies competitors largest, most powerful defense contractors in the world overdrive in DC undermine SpaceX damage our credibility too risky inexperienced multi-billion dollar interests in the space launch business SpaceX picture perfect flight first stage flight Earth’s gravity vehicle experiences max Q maximum dynamic pressure conditions vehicle physically harshest highest risk points of mission first stage flight stage separation first stage vehicle detaches falls away from the 2nd stage journey to space lost the vehicle and mission SpaceX VP of Propulsion Tom Mueller modern day godfather of rocket science most brilliant scientific minds on the planet team great job redesigning vehicle engines systems more efficient and powerful turned off the first stage engine separate the vehicle stages stages uncoupled kick thrust first stage engine first stage second stage separate two sections of the vehicle devastating and emotional experience 350 employees cheered the vehicle on as it took off mission clock stages were about to separate video feed was cut 20 second viewing delay mission control team projected the external press feed major mission anomalies lost video something had gone wrong Elon Musk most senior technical people SpaceX commanding the mission waited anxiously mood in the building hung thick with despair SpaceX many people have been working 70-80+ hours a week difficult barriers in technology institution politics finance sheer force of their blood and sweat they had all given so much mentally and physically exhausted really needed a win faith depleted the hopes and resources impact the future of the company potential to send the company into a downward spiral failure in leadership press potential customers destroyed us internally addressed the company we knew this was going to be hard rocket science flight taking on a significant investment from Draper Fisher Jurvetson providing SpaceX with ample financial resources to attempt two more launches we need to pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off we have a lot of work to do I will never give up and I mean never if we stick with him we will win most impressive display of leadership energy despair and defeat massive buzz of determination people began to focus on moving forward looking back shifts in body unbelievably powerful experience SpaceX team identified likely cause launch failure turnaround time others in the launch business failure investigations our team data announced the results of our investigation supporters customer community retain their trust another rocket fully manufactured integrated on location ready to fly again unlimited human and financial resources restricted financial diet SpaceX flew Falcon 1 launch vehicle executed first 100% successful launch world’s first privately built rocket to achieve earth orbit accomplishment task previously completed by only six mightiest nations in the history of the world victory entire SpaceX team future of humanity overall true character of Elon Musk undeterred in the face of all odds undaunted by the fear of failure he is never satisfied with himself so he is never really satisfied with anyone around him pushes himself harder and harder worth every ounce of blood and sweat /