Monday, 17 April 2017

Has Mercedes seen the light on fuel cells?

Mercedes F-Cell
Credit: Wikipedia

Fuel cells are one third as efficient as lithium ion batteries. In practice, used to drive a car, they yield poor acceleration.1 These problems appear to be fundamental to the physics & chemistry of fuel cells. Or as hydrogen proponent David Wenger, CEO of Wegner Engineering, which developed the hydrogen fuel cell powertrain for the Mercedes F-Cell hatchback put it, “In total, the results are sobering, sadly. That really hurts.”2,3

Elon Musk understands fuel cells too:

Digital Trends – “Elon Musk on hydrogen fuel-cell cars: ‘I just think that they are extremely silly’”,

In light of the above, the apparent enthusiasm of some car makers for that technology is puzzling. Mercedes, though is showing signs of having seen the light:

Green Car Reports – “Did Mercedes turn its back on hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles?”,

Car Advice – “Mercedes-Benz fuel-cell future uncertain”

Gas2 – “Mercedes Says It Will Not Pursue Fuel Cell Development For Its Cars”

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