Thursday, 6 April 2017

Pebble is no more – what next? – Buy a Pebble Smartwatch!

Original 2012 Pebble smartwatch
Credit: 9to5Mac

Pebble has been scooped up by Fitbit, but my Pebble smartwatch continues to tell me when my phone is ringing (even on silent at the other end of the house), when emails arrive, next appointment, display SMSs, count my steps (with sync to Pebble & Google fitness apps), gives my Android phone password-level security without having to type it in to check every SMS,1 & even tell the time. Battery life remains undiminished at over a week.

Pebble Time Steel
Credit: Pinterest

If you are looking at buying a smartwatch, the best advice I can give is, Google: “buy pebble watch”. Just now, I found every model Pebble ever delivered on sale, starting at just $49.99 for the original 2012 Pebble2,3,4 & including Pebble Steel,5 Pebble Time,6,7 & Pebble 2.8

Pebble 2 smartwatch – last model delivered
Credit: Best Buy

Support continues – an update for for iOS & Android was reported on 04 April, although it hasn’t appeared on my phone yet:

Lifehacker – “Pebble Updates Watches So They Keep Ticking Beyond The Grave”

Pebble, 04 April 2017 – “Pebble App & Developer Transition Updates”,

1 Works with any Pebble: “Android password-level security without having to type the damn thing it in all the time!”,

2 Kickstarter project for the original Pebble: “Pebble: E-Paper Watch for iPhone & Android”,

3Pebble smartwatch teardown – iFixit”,

4 “Hands-on with the Pebble smartwatch – first round production units to ship January 23 (video)”,

5 Pebble Steel – the original Pebble with a steel body: “New Pebble smartwatch: Pebble Steel (video)”,

6 Pebble Time – 2nd generation: “New Pebble watch, Tuesday 24 February”,

7 Pebble Time – 2nd generation: “Pebble Time — video (update)”,

8 Pebble 2 – 3rd generation of Pebble smartwatches: “What Pebble had up its sleeve – two new smart watches & a new type of connected device (video) - update”,

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