Saturday, 1 April 2017

Jeans with a dedicated phone pocket

Lithium ion batteries of the type used in phones pose a substantial risk of fire &/or explosion under a range of circumstances,1 including external force.2 With this in mind, a pants pocket is one of the worst possible places to carry a phone.

Even ignoring the risk of a battery fire/explosion, phones carried in a pants pocket pose a risk of damage to the phone itself when the user sits down. Remember bendgate?3

With this in mind, these jeans, with a dedicated phone pocket may be a viable option:

Muji mens organic cotton stretch denim slim jeans
Credit: Muji

The Gadgeteer – “These jeans have a pocket especially designed to hold your smartphone”

Buy them at:

A conventional pants pocket is one of the worst possible places to carry a phone. Better alternatives include a jacket pocket, backpack, handbag, bumbag, or holster.1

1 “More lithium ion battery fires – not just phones”,

2Samsung pulls the plug on the Note 7”,

3 “Will it bend? — iPhone 6 Plus”,

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