Monday, 14 March 2016

Tesla Model S racing series

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We’ve all seen the endless parade of Tesla Model S cars at the drag strip on YouTube. Now get ready for Tesla Model S circuit racing – the Electric GT World Series.

For now, it will be a one-model series – Tesla Model S P85+. All teams are required to enter two cars. This may be following the Formula One model – two cars, two drivers from each team, but is more likely to be following the Formula E model – two cars for each driver, with a car swap around half way, to avoid charging or battery swapping. It’s worth noting, though, that the Tesla Model S was designed to permit battery swapping.

Modifications will be permitted to aerodynamics, suspension, brakes & weight. Motor, control software & battery will be stock, apart from battery cooling.

Battery cooling? While the battery cooling system of the Model S is adequate for any legitimate road use, or even drag racing, sustained high power demands lead to the battery overheating, & reduced power mode. This has been demonstrated at the Nurburgring race circuit. Text & video at:

Another possibility is that battery temperature may become another parameter to be balanced against speed, as happens in other forms of motor racing with brake wear, tyre wear, fuel consumption & engine durability.

Long term, the plan is to open up the series to other makes, but for now, there's nothing that can keep up with a Tesla Model S.
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